The Christensen Arms Difference

Get a sneak peek into how Christensen Arm’s crafts our premiere firearms, from the materials used to the expertise we apply. With precision engineering techniques acquired from the aerospace and medical prosthetic, the sophisticated design of the firearms at Christensen Arms ensure a shooting hunting experience.

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Our Legacy

Enjoy Dr. Roland Christensen’s story of how he applied his engineering experience in aerospace and medical fields into a new area. A lifelong shooter, Dr. Christensen’s passions merged with his professional experience to create some of the most technologically advanced firearms on the market.

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Check out rave reviews from fellow hunting enthusiasts. Read about others’ experiences with Christensen Arms’ firearms, their hunting successes, and their favorite products.

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See our list of articles and read more about Christensen Arms.

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Christensen Arms’ employees are enthusiastic about keeping masterfully designed, revolutionary firearms on the market. Keep checking back to see if job openings appear on our team!

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See the proud partners of Christensen Arms. Reach out to us to become one of them!

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Submit the online form to send us your questions and comments! Each of your questions, comments, stories, and concerns is important to us. We will respond as soon as possible!

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Stay up to date with the talk about Christensen Arm’s premiere firearms. View our newsroom to see our appearances in the media and online.

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