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At Christensen Arms we take pride in making sure every gun we make is built precisely to the highest standards and specifications.  We build each and every gun to be the pinnacle of our purpose, to bring you the finest custom firearms made.  Here is what Christensen Arms firearm owners are saying:

happy customer

“My name is Pat. I just wanted to write you a quick letter on how amazed I am with your rifles. I recently got the opportunity to go to Africa on a hunt of a life time. As a part of a wounded solider event, I was severely injured in a helicopter that I was flying, was brought out of the sky 2007.

“Anyways back to the reason I am writing this. My PH found out that I was an avid long range shooter. He let me hunt with  his CH arms carbon 300. My closest shot was right at 300 with the farthest past 800 11 animals one shot kills. I’m sure you all get these all the time I just wanted to say you have a wonderful product.”

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“I would like to thank you for the finest quality rifle that I have ever owned. Your staff has built my son (13 months old) the best shooting rifle “bar none!” The FFL dealer that received the rifle before I picked it up said it was the finest rifle he has ever seen in 25 years of operation. I can assure you it shoots better than his claim. I have NEVER seen a Weatherby 30-378 shoot as accurate as this rifle, PERIOD! This rifle is equipped with a Picatinny Rail System and a Swarovski 2,5 x 10-56 scope and receives an ovation every time it comes out of the gun case. I commend Christensen Arms for the work you have done and look forward to continuous service/purchases in the future. Please use my contact information as a reference if required, you have done an outstanding job!”

-Jay Vetzel


“Thank you for making a rifle that a woman can use to hunt dangerous game with… I had the opportunity to take an SCI gold medal water buffalo, several camels, and other animals on the hunt using the .300 RUM. The performance of the rifle was spectacular and most of my kills were with one shot.”


“Hello, My name is Sonja Garness and I just wanted to let you know how pleased I was with the performance of your carbon barrel .300 Ultra Mag rifle on my hunting trip to Austalia with Robert Tritten (R&R Outfitters). I shot a gold medal water buffalo, several camels, and other animals.”


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“Just returned to the office and wanted to share my good fortune from my two week Sonara Mexico hunt. First of all, put Sonora on your list, it was definitely one of my favorite hunts in North America. As I went through my checklist and prepared for the trip, I was told I’d definitely need a long range gun because it was giant country. I had my Christensen Arms 300 Ultra Mag. That item was definitely taken care of…”

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More Reviews and Testimonials

“Christensen Arms masters the art of working with titanium and creates the ultimate impulse buy.”
– Eric R. Poole, Guns & Ammo

“If you are looking for a quality rifle that is lightweight, easy to shoot, and easy to carry, check out Christensen Arms. In addition to their awesome bolt-action rifles, they also now make lightweight AR-15s and a 1911 pistol.”
– Trent Swanson, Trent Swanson Outdoors

“Sure, there are a number of shops that create one-off examples, but no other company producing a significant quantity of 1911s offers a standard model with a titanium frame. It’s hard to imagine someone finding a way to carve out another niche in the crowded 1911 market, but that’s exactly what Christensen Arms has figured out.”
– Eric R. Poole, Guns & Ammo

“The Christensen Arms CA-10 Recon truly offers a new innovation in a market crowded with evolving designs and improvements. There is indeed much to be said about maintaining weight at a minimum while providing a high degree of  precision and incredible shot-to-shot consistency—all thanks to their carbon-fiber barrel design. Police sniper teams looking to upgrade to a semi-auto would do well to consider this rifle.”
– Jorge Amselle, Special Weapons

“It’s hard to imagine someone finding a way to carve out another niche in the crowded 1911 market, but
that’s exactly what Christensen Arms has figured out.”
– Eric R. Poole, Guns & Ammo

“Gunsmiths and vendors did everything they could to warn Christensen Arms about the difficulties in
working with titanium and discouraged their efforts but the pistolsmiths at Christensen Arms never backed down.”
– Eric R. Poole, Guns & Ammo

“I discovered that Christensen Arms is doing something that no other production company is doing.”
– Eric R. Poole, Guns & Ammo

“Christensen Arms has successfully established themselves above what’s readily available from a
high-production 1911 manufacturer that cuts corners to squeak out profit.”
– Eric R. Poole, Guns & Ammo

“For some it’s an impulse buy. For others, a pistol like this is a timepiece that’s handed down
for generations. Unlike grandpa’s old service auto, your kids won’t have to restore this one. It’ll keep forever.”
– Eric R. Poole, Guns & Ammo

“The CA-15 is the most technologically advanced AR-type rifle in existence. This superlative has been earned with its unpfrecedented use of materials, egonomics and refined push-rod system. The gas block wears a corrosive-resistant Melonite treatment. Carbon fiber reduces weight and vibration to the handguard and barrel without compromising rigidity, and a proprietary flash suppressor is forged from titanium. ”
– Eric R. Poole, Guns & Ammo