The Christensen Arms Legacy

Nestled in Gunnison, Utah, Christensen Arms™ is an American small business success story.

Dr. Roland Christensen earned his Doctorate of Science in Mechanical Engineering and went on to start a company that utilizes carbon-fiber material for the aerospace and medical industries.

An avid shooter from his early youth, Dr. Christensen saw a way to apply his career experience to his hobby and developed and marketed a carbon-fiber barrel that has significant advantages over solid steel barrels in weight and heat dissipation. This technology was revolutionary in barrel production and became widely accepted. Not resting on previous success, the company eventually began building a full range of firearms, including bolt-action rifles for hunting, target shooting, and tactical applications, with hand-laid-up carbon-fiber stocks.

Most recently, Christensen Arms began building AR-styled tactical rifles and custom, hand-crafted 1911 pistols. These firearms are among the most novel, distinctive, and technologically advanced products on the market today.