• VTAC-15


    New Product!

    The VTAC-15 was a developed through a combination of aerospace and military combat experience.  Christensen Arms and Kyle Lamb of Viking Tactics have launched a new rifle that will reset the bar for lightweight – technically advanced AR.

  • The Christensen Arms CA-15 platform is a custom-built AR-style rifle. Whether you need a lightweight SBR for maneuverability or a long-range precision rifle for prairie dog shooting, the CA-15 will provide unfailing accuracy.

    5.00 out of 5
  • CD-15 RECON


    New Product!

    Inspired by the Castle Doctrine, which gives someone the right to protect their “castle” from an intruder, Christensen Arms developed the CD AR platform rifle, engineered with strength and protection in mind.

  • The CA-10 is the lightest AR-10 platform available on the market. A perfect match for precision shooting, tactical drills or hunting.

  • CD-10 DMR


    New Product!

    Designed to give you the ultimate tool for defending yourself and your “castle,” the CD was built with the same high manufacturing standards and quality materials as our CA-15 and CA-10 and comes standard with our new OSS suppressor for reduced flash and noise upon ...